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 Hello February! Server updates planned for the month

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Hello February! Server updates planned for the month Empty
PostSubject: Hello February! Server updates planned for the month   Hello February! Server updates planned for the month Icon_minitimeSat Feb 04, 2012 4:43 pm

We had a shaky start to it, but here are the plans for the month!
First off:
We plan to add 5+ more ranks to the server, Including: Job ranks, more Buyable-fighting ranks, The Citizen Rank and more!
We hope to get citizen traders, as you may have seen before we removed them. To all shops and towns. For a more realistic feel to the server.
The Grand PvP Tournament gets jump-started on the 6th of February, so be sure to go check that out at /warp grandpvp
We are also plan to have the Grand Fishing Tournament at one point or another, get some more master fishers out onto the Sea!
Apollo II will be held on the last week of February, this one will not be interrupted for any reason. And many positive changes will go into making this contest much better than the last!
Huge Changes: Exclamation
You may now consider having multiple worlds within the server a very near possibility. We want everyone to be able to call the server home, and our current world doesnt cope for everyone.
These will be the following future worlds as of 2/4/12:
-Freebuild-Non PvP, No economy, Pure survival as minecraft was made to be played!
-The Dark World-Created for you brutes that want to fight to the death. A world devoted to PvP and PvM. A Full out Free for all.
-Arena World - {Still being determined} All arenas will be hosted here. Question
***We are also planning to add 2 more slots and more memory so the server can run smoother with more people! Tell your friends!***
New Towns
You may now welcome the next Major Town! MidSummerCity!
MidSummerCity will be the new bustling, major town. Plots are relatively inexpensive and can host large homes! You can always welcome the towns resources and shops! Watch out for the new warp!

This is going to be an extremely exciting month! So be sure to watch the forums for more updates!
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Hello February! Server updates planned for the month
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