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 Big Updates for April!

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Big Updates for April! Empty
PostSubject: Big Updates for April!   Big Updates for April! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 2:44 pm

Well, the server has seen some huge changes this weekend. Ill try to list all of them if i can remember them all. Smile
  • New Spawn! I felt we needed a new upgraded one, so i made it happen! Come check it out at /spawn
  • Factions are back! The beloved plugin is back bringing back memories and new factions. Come join one or make one!
  • Mob Arena and PvP Arenas are slowly making their way back into the server. Currently trying to fix.
  • Four new ranks! These are all donator ranks, which can be obtained soon. See more info here: Donator Ranks
  • Much more PvP Emphasis will be added over time
  • Announcements are back!
  • Advertising on PMC will resume very soon, which means many more players!

Will be edited once changes are added.

Big Big changes!
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Big Updates for April!
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