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 I apologise for what I've done to cheat you guys.

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PostSubject: I apologise for what I've done to cheat you guys.   Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:29 am

I apologise for using Ender Pearls on the Parkour courses.

I did not see the sign that said they weren't allowed, I saw obstacle courses and used the means in which I best navigate Obstacle Courses, and for this I apologise. It does not seem to me that using an unorthodox way to travel should be considered cheating, especially as that was what the game designers added them for, but I understand that I have upset some people. I would like my Green A removed. As I, however much I try, cannot Parkour. That inability led me to my proficiency with the pearls.

If Numb would put up some EP courses, that would be much appreciated, especially since Ender Pearls are so common nowadays.

But even if that does not happen; I am truly sorry for those whose hard work I undermined by completing the courses in the only way I knew how.
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I apologise for what I've done to cheat you guys.
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