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 Wilderness and Other Major Updates

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Wilderness and Other Major Updates Empty
PostSubject: Wilderness and Other Major Updates   Wilderness and Other Major Updates Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 8:34 pm

Hey Everyone!
Been awhile since the last update post, but a lot will be changing soon.

First off, the Wilderness has been added!
The Wilderness is the replacement for PvP on our server. The entire world is now non pvp, unless a town wishes to be pvp, for a cost of $10,000. The Wilderness is roughly 700x500 blocks and features multiple structures that will have further importance with future updates.

All Mcmmo skills now cap at lvl 100, and will be slightly slower to train. This is to make sure no one skill over powers the server, example: reach a high enough acrobat level and you will never take fall damage again.
Multiple people already have skills over 100.
On Friday 4:30 PM EST, all mcmmo stats will be wiped clean to 1, to implement the new changes.

Planned Updates:

  • Ranks for the wilderness will be released during this month.
  • The Hero rank will start development.
  • Insanity Parkour course will be opened, finally making Acrobat able to be achieved.
  • TBD
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Wilderness and Other Major Updates
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