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 The Cities of Amonduin

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The Cities of Amonduin Empty
PostSubject: The Cities of Amonduin   The Cities of Amonduin Icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 10:20 pm

The cities of Amonduin, inlcude the cities of Caras Orrim and Othronn Diamon, and the nearby city of Create, which uses its own warp.

Caras Orrim and Othronn Diamon are to have a very interesting relationship and in order to maximise the economic outcome for all involved we need as many players on board with this as possible.

Othronn Diamon has the job of mining and creating armour, tools, weapons, etc, then shipping them to Caras Orrim to be shipped to Omashu, Minesville, Create, and Noobtown by use of the corresponding ports. For future reference, we need players doing less work for themselves and more reliant on others, as the purpose of SMP is to be anyways.

Reply to this topic if you need something made and shipped to you or if you need goods shipped from city to city... also, we need Omashu to be inhabited.

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The Cities of Amonduin
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