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 Master Slayer Guidelines

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PostSubject: Master Slayer Guidelines   Master Slayer Guidelines Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 3:22 am

Master Slayer is a achievable rank on JumpStart SMP.

Regarded as a very difficult rank to attain, it will take many hours of dedication and teamwork to achieve it.

Before starting, some basic requirements:
-Good PvM skills
-A large supply of equipment, potions, food
-Teammates to fight with you and work towards the same goal
-Organization and Preparation skills

Now, how to gain the rank:

Every single boss has a chance of dropping a Boss Totem. Once you gain all the available totems, you present them to NumbedShot and gain the rank. Boss Totems are a rare drop from bosses, some easier to achieve than others. Example: The Harbringer's drop chance is 1/30, while the SpiderQueen's drop rate is 1/45. Achieving more than one Totem is useless for you, and it is recommended to throw it away.

List of available bosses: (Organized by difficulty)

1. The Harbringer
Type: Zombie
Health: 600
Damage: 5 hearts
List of skills: Zombie swarm, throws, confusion and blinding effects
Drops: Iron ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Sword of Shadows, Harbringer Totem, Misc.
Tips: Stay under safe spots(iron fences above). When low, simply run in circles around him till full health again, feather falling boots

2. SpiderQueen
Type: Spider
Health: 1000
Damage: 4 hearts
List of skills: throws, confusion effects, poison
Drops: Diamonds, Gold Blocks, Webbed Bow, chainmail boots, SpiderQueen Totem, Misc.
Tips: Bring health regen pots for when poisoned, strong sword to clear nearby mobs, stay near walls to prevent fall damage or feather fall boots, bring a teammate

3. The Spectre
Type: Skeleton
Health: 900
Damage: 6 Hearts
List of skills: Buffs, blindness, Teleports, Swarms, Slows
Drops: Diamonds, Emeralds, RedstoneBlocks, Sword of Death, Chestplate of the Damned, Spectre_Totem, Misc.
Tips: Bring instant health potions/Regen potions, he hits hard. Bringing a partner to help clear the Skeleton swarms is useful. You can run around the room when low to slowly regain health.

4. Infernal Lord
Type: Zombie Pigman
Health: 1300
Damage: 7 Hearts
List of skills: Buffs, Fire, Swarms, Weakness, Swaps
Drops: Diamond Blocks, Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, Emerald Blocks, Sword of Flame, Full chain suit, Helmet of Revenge, Misc.
Tips: Fire resistance and bring a partner. This is the toughest boss to date. He constantly burns you, with 2 large swarms of pig zombies. He hits very hard with his normal attack, and will constantly get close to you. When he gets very low, he gains a strong buff to try and finish you off. Be careful and use potions wisely.

Up to date as of July 4 2013
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Master Slayer Guidelines
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